超人(super man)Today I go to see a movie ,and the name is Super Man.In this movie the man have very big power and his dream is to protect everyone who is in trouble.That movie teaches us that the life is not as bad as most people feel and don

Review of The Pursuit of Happyness The title of the film is misspelled on purpose. You'll find out after the film that when the boy didn't know how to spell the word "happiness", his father told him,"it's a i in happiness ,no y(why) in happiness". If

电影《卢旺达饭店》 Hotel Rwanda ---- a story of an African Schinderler Hotel Rwanda is a film about a man. It was based on a real story of a man who saved 1268 people's lives in a madness genocidal, which happened in Rwanda, 1994. The

Simba,the prince of the animals' kingdom,whose life was not always happy.Simba's uncle,carried out an evil plan.To save his dear son,the old lion king died.And Simba,with his uncle taking his father's place,had no other choice but to flee.On his

2012" is a disaster epic, the film of course, and ultimately, the Earth's destruction of many shocking scenes. When the earthquake coming, high-rise building blocks, like children's toys, like the collapse of a warm house for a blink of an eye Tanxian

观后感 This film was absolutely amazing. I have spent hours re-watching various scenes and noticing all the perfection with which they are acted and directed. It's not the violence or action sequences that make this movie so great (although they are

“One day" tells the story of two people's love.They meet every year on July 15 as a friend,and talk about the recent life,the woman always love the man,but the man dont know or he won't admit it.umyou can watch the movie,it's really great

the woman always love the man“One day" tells the story of two people'.um.;t admit it.,but the man dont know or he won's love.They meet every year on July 15 as a friend,and talk about the recent can watch the movie,it's really great.

功夫熊猫(这个是最近的.) Or the dream factory has always been the high standard, the screen exquisite detail, vivid characters vivid, touching story twists and turns, the most important thing is it in the most simple and easy to understand that the | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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