HARRY POTTER <Harry Potter> is a very exceting film A smart boy who have won the hearts of everyone in China and all over the world Now,<Harry Potter> is popular with you and me Let's get together to expect the good film called HARRY

I's "Toy Story".I's very funny.Toy is in the movie.I like it.(我们正好要写,所以搬上来的哈)


1. 构思2. 搜相关资料图片3. 排版4. 绘图(画画占少数,主要精心设计一下电影标题很重要)5. 填写文字(电影简介,演员,上映时间)

The movie was an excellent one, it engaged all the audience and attract everyone's attention. This was filmed by an awards winning director and the story line was marvolous and flowed smoothly till the end.这是一部非常好的电影,所有的观众都目不转睛,吸引了大家的眼神. 这部电影的导演有的过许多奖, 故事的内容很完美,从头到尾都很融洽.



Do you know the movie Titanic.That is one of my favorite movies.It's a love story about Jack and Rose.They met on a ship called Titanic ,and then they fell into love immediately .On the night of April 15, 1912 , the Titanic had an accident on the way to

“Finding Nemo” tells the story of clownfish Marlin and his only son Nemo. Nemo is a clownfish in Chinese. In the sea, Marlin and Nemo lead a safe and quiet life. Like all the fathers, Marlin tries to protect his son from being hurt. But Nemo eager to | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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