Let's play sports! Do you like playing sports? Are you sports fan? Do you play tennis? Do you play volleyball? We have many sports clubs: basketball, ping-pong, soccer, baseball, tennis, and more! Sports are so difficult, but are interesting! Let's go!

这个例子是我从网上搜的,广州大学英语俱乐部的例子. 英语俱乐部(English club )是广州大学规模最大的学生社团之一,成立于1995年,拥有在校会员近千人,单届会员人数超过200人.俱乐部活动形式多样,内容丰富多彩,受到广大会员

Can you sing?Can you play the piano?Come and join the Music Club!

i'm a big fan, i like watch anime, for example the tennis prince, the detective conan, etc. so i create a cartoon club, here, you can share your feelings and express my favorite anime, we can discuss about some of the wonderful pictures. animation hope everybody can actively join the club, thank you!

Here is a poster of the Youth Sports Club. Read it and answer the questions. Youth Sports Club Sport of the Month: Tennis 11:00 a.m. ~ 7:00 p.m. Ticket price for each event:★$100 a person ★$50 a person for groups with over 15 persons poster

Poster Do you think you are expert at singing?Do you have a charming voice?Do you have the courage to challenge yourself?Here's the chance.Please come and join us in the English song singing contest,which will be held at the school

XXXXX football club,looking foward to your joining~

If you can jump, you can join the Basketball Club. 只要你会跳, 你就可以参加篮球俱乐部 追问: 在多来几句 谢谢 回答: If you like Yao Ming, join the Basketball Club to yell. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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