是英语系的话,直接交给宣传部做就OK了,又有英语背景,又会搞设计 personally, I did it before person in charge of information collection person of art background sometimes, translator for ADS

Poster Do you think you are expert at singing?Do you have a charming voice?Do you have the courage to challenge yourself?Here's the chance.Please come and join us in the English song singing contest,which will be held at the school

i'm a big fan, i like watch anime, for example the tennis prince, the detective conan, etc. so i create a cartoon club, here, you can share your feelings and express my favorite anime, we can discuss about some of the wonderful pictures. animation hope everybody can actively join the club, thank you!

Let's play sports! Do you like playing sports? Are you sports fan? Do you play tennis? Do you play volleyball? We have many sports clubs: basketball, ping-pong, soccer, baseball, tennis, and more! Sports are so difficult, but are interesting! Let's go!

Can you sing?Can you play the piano?Come and join the Music Club!

Last sunday. I and my father, mother, grandparents, brother went to jiuhuashan by bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the

Are you an athlete ?Can you play the basketball?Can you play soccer? Can you play the baseball ,the tennis ,or the volleyball , They you can be in our athlete club. please callTommy at 956-4593. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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