I'm a big fan, I like watch anime, for example the tennis prince, the detective conan, etc. So I create a cartoon club, here, you can share your feelings and express my favorite anime, we can discuss about some of the wonderful pictures. Animation Hope everybody can actively join the club, thank you!

HARRY POTTER <Harry Potter> is a very exceting film A smart boy who have won the hearts of everyone in China and all over the world Now,<Harry Potter> is popular with you and me Let's get together to expect the good film called HARRY

I's "Toy Story".I's very funny.Toy is in the movie.I like it.(我们正好要写,所以搬上来的哈)


I really enjoyed this film-everything about it glows and shines in a gentle luminosity. This film, if you have seen some of Miyazaki's other work, is quite light. The characters are beautifully and lovingly created and the colouring and setting of this film is

1. 构思2. 搜相关资料图片3. 排版4. 绘图(画画占少数,主要精心设计一下电影标题很重要)5. 填写文字(电影简介,演员,上映时间)


圣夜学院中被流传又有个性又傲慢的女孩亚梦,nbsp;许多人都很羡慕她.外表冷酷但实际上是一个很善良的孩子,为了掩饰自己还经常以毒舌来掩盖自己的怯弱,但亚梦真的很想称为理想中的自己!在她这样祈求后,一瞬间出现了三颗蛋! | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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