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英语海报 简单保护动物

可以画一群可怜的小动物在游行,举着的旗子上写着“we want peace”或着“we need protection”

Care for life to stop the killing.我们拥有一个共同的地球 We have a common earth1、保护动物就是保护我们的同类.1, animal protection is to protect our kind.2、地球上没有动物,那是一个没有活力的世界.2, no animal on earth, it is not a

做一份濒临灭绝的动物的海报 Make a poster of an endangered animal

Fur is cruel 这句最合适 下面有几种得了奖的,可供参考


my pet is a lovely dog.its name is "dian dian".because there are a lot of black circle on its skin.the "dian dian" is very friendly.many childen like play with him.his favourite food is meat bones. his favourite toy is a doll. 'dian dian ' likes to run very

please save the animals.although their fur is invaluable,slthough their meat is deliciours,although they look cute.please eat them,don't kill them for eat or their boddy.don't make them be your pets.the animals suffor so much,many people disgusted by what they look(people kill antelopes),PLEASE STOPPING IT!Thank you !

1. shoot me with camera, don't shoot me with gun2. don't cage the animals, cage the cruelty.3. animals are friends, not food4. live and let live5. save the wild or you will be called as wild6. One by one until there are none7. Don't be bitter, save the

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