下面我们谈谈英文海报的写法: 海报(poster)多是宣传广告.英文海报的内容常为球讯、影讯等.登出海报的日期常写在最后一行,顶格写.一般的英文海报的格式如下:(请注意这篇英文海报范文的左右对齐或者居中的格式)1) 格式:

In orther to make students are interested in English that we hold this match. Then,the students who get the No.1 in this match will become our school English speaking hoster. Please all students of Great 1 can take part in our English match. ……

海报 n. playbill, poster

时间 地点 主题 特色 大致时间规划(比方说舞台时间) 海报三要素 1、充分的视觉冲击力. 2、表达的内容精炼,抓住主要诉求点. 3、主题字体醒目.

看运动海报-----read sports poster / read poster about sports 学校跳高纪录韵文-----chant of high jump record at school

英语海报和中文海报一样,以图片配以简洁的文字,给个海报你参考一下.网上很多,你也可以自行搜索参考 .

poster 2.海报上的字体非常醒目. The lettering on the poster is very eye-catching. 若觉得满意~请记得采纳~∩_∩

1.In order to make students more interested in learning English, to hold the competition,2 in the students won first prize in the contest will be recommended to stations when English presenters,3 high level of all students.4 enrollment sites: school lecture hall, Time: September 15 to 18.

Friendship first competition second 19 and swifter, higher stronger 20, youth sports friendship health 21 friendship, solidarity and progress 22, solidarity promising 23, unity and progress development innovation友谊第一 比赛第二 19、更快 更高 更

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