把学到的单词抄下来,然后画图,涂 颜色,周围留点细缝,画点弯曲线,把弯曲线涂上颜色就可以了

Gaga is a little duck. He is small, dirty and ugly. His friends don't like to play with him. One day, Gaga walked behind his friends quietly(静悄悄地).But his friends did not want him. Gaga was very sad and ran to the river and cried loudly(大声地

My classroom is simple and good

good good study day day up.China 10000 years long live!

Do you like autumn 你喜欢秋天么? I do not know when, you fall softly on my red sweater, you put a flower as I have it? 不知什么时候,你轻轻地落在我鲜红的毛衣上,你把我也当成一朵花了吗? Golden butterfly you! Whom you are dancin.

A Fox, just at the time of the vintage, stole into a vine-yard where the ripe sunny Grapes were trellised up on high in most tempting show. He made many a spring and a jump after the luscious prize, but, failing in all his attempts, he muttered as he

手抄报是开展课外活动的形式之一.中小学生直接参与编辑、撰写、制作等的全过程,深受学生的喜爱.本站手抄报展集中了学生优秀的手抄报作品,并提供了相当丰富的手抄报插图资料,让学生办起报纸来更加轻松,学生们在这些优秀的作品 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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