the gregorian calendar year before april 5 for tomb-sweeping day, 24 solar is one. this is the tomb-sweeping day on april 4. in the twenty four seasons, is also the only qingming festival nights. chinese traditional festival, is also the most important

1.My plan for the winter holidayThe winter vacation is coming.I am going to relax myself.I will do sports every day.Such as,playing basketball and talbe tennis because doing sports can keep us healthy

English Humor英语笑话 1 Bring Papa Teacher: For final exam this time, you can take your textbooks, your notebooks, your dictionary etc., just as you do your homework as usual. Frank: That sounds good. Then I can take my papa here. 【译文】带

英语手抄报我们办过,咱拿的一等奖哦!1.你可以分成几个版块 就像书上这么分也不错呀(因为对于我们资历还太浅,不知道什么好听的英文题目,如果用错了,小心还会给你的手抄报打折扣)2.你可以在书上或者网上找一些关于手抄报的版块

The People's Republic of China has been set up for 62 years.After the dark and defficult time,we become much stronger,richer.The quality our people's life has improved a lot.When we look back,we can s | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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